REITS is the Investment Trust for Real Estate and the hospitality REITS are the ones which are used for such real estates which include the properties of the hospitality. These properties could include the accommodations which are gained for the short period such as the hotels and apartment on the rent. Another name of the hospitality REITS is the hotel REITS but because this term only includes the hotel therefore this is not used in many of the literature because this provides a vague definition and exclude all the properties which are not the hotel but are the hospitality properties. 

However, the hospitality REITS are almost in every country as there is the hospitality REITS in Singapore because of the many benefits and advantages that it provide. Since the M&L hospitality Reit are usually the properties in which the tourists and the visitors stay because of the reason that they need the accommodation for the short period. This investment fund gives you a convenient and easy way to handle all the tourisms. These play an important role especially when the government wants to increase the tourism and wants to give it a direction. In Singapore, the casinos and the marquee are the reasons which has increased the amount of tourists coming to the country every year. It has been observed that the country has experienced a six percent of the yield per year. 

Generally, the hospitality REITS are the funds for the short period accommodations but there are cases when there comes the long term periods in the hospitality REITS where the operators likes to pay for years. In order to handle such cases, a separate class is defined which helps in the handling such operators.

However, if you are considering to invest in the Jocelyn Kum you must be aware of certain facts before you jump in. the most important thing you need to know that there is no consistency in this business. The number of tourists coming to the country could change all the time and this also depends on the economic condition of the country itself. Not only this, but there could be seasons when all the rooms are full and there could be seasons when you have plenty of free rooms. At such time, the government of the country also play it smart and decrease the funds and the budget which are normally assigned to the hospitality REITS. Another downfall is that the time it will take to complete a hotel could lead to a drastic change in the economy and the arrival of the tourists.