Have you ever had your morning fresh milk dose and started to let out a lot of burping? If you can relate to this, you should probably keep reading everything until the end. What is lactose? This is something that is found in dairy products. That means the ones that produced based on milk. Lactase on the other hand is a body enzyme that is produced to breakdown the lactose that are found in the milk based products. This leads us to the final point; lactose in tolerance is the inability of body to break down the lactose. The bad thing about this is that, starting off from the symptoms, it is all about bad news.Here are 4 of the most prominent symptoms that you would be having if you’re lactose intolerant.

Excessive bloating in stomach

When a person is aging, the body’s ability to produce the lactose breaking down enzyme rapidly drops. This is why children can drink a gallon of milk and be completely fine with it. But even if you are little over 20 years old, you will start experiencing a negative dairy reaction like this indicating your body’s incapability to deal with higher amount of lactose. This doesn’t mean that every time you get bloated, the reason is milk. But if you’re finding yourself to becoming across this situation almost every time you consume milk, then the picture shouldn’t be that unclear.

Uncontrollable gas and burping

Gastritis and filling up your stomach with gas is one of the most uncomfortable conditions that a person can suffer from. The situation keeps getting worse since you will have the least appetite and even capability to take food in, given how that’s exactly what gastritis obstructs. Hence, without letting your lactose intolerant issues to escalate more, consulting a dairy intolerance dietitian is the right thing to do. Because then, they would help you to choose the right type of milk and the favorite volumes that you should consume in the regular basis to avoid these complications.

Increase diarrhea

The intestines and the whole digestive system has its limits of digesting the food you consume. The moment the limits are exceeded only people start experiencing vomiting and even this practical symptom; diarrhea. This is because in the end of the day, there will not be issues if the either the milk you consume were ideally digested, or if you were not lactose intolerant.Milk is truly something that is tasty. If you’re in a condition where you can’t enjoy it, you’re clearly missing out a lot. Hence, remember to sort these issues out and then proceed to consume milk just the way that you like.