Decking is one the amazing feature which you can get for your home but everything has its own pros and cons so does decking because it gives you the best flooring and separate space for your entertainment. There are many people who want to decorate their houses but they can’t afford and they just keep picket fencing so that it gives the sense of security which works as a retaining wall and they can decorate it by doing paint and keeping the little plant pots beside the picket fencing. hardwood decking Melbourne is one the most beautiful decking which hardly can resist because it looks so beautiful and decent; it always mesmerizes you because the feel of the decking is beyond amazing


People love to decorate their house and decking also make your house beautiful, this is one the advantage that increases the value of your house, if you going to resell your house it will give you good money because your house is beautiful and worth it.

Nature is good for us and good for our body, the more we live in a natural environment the more we get better health and the wooden deck is more natural than any other artificial flooring. For example, if you have kids at your home then wooden decking is best for you because kids are the one who does whatever they want to do either laying on the floor or playing on the floor. If you have spotted gum decking at your place it is best for you and the best for the kids.

If you have a decking at your home you don’t need to go on a date with your wife or husband because you can arrange a romantic date for them at your place which can save your money and you can make the best memories at your home.


Some of the decking woods are fire resistant and some are not, so you always are careful about it because of the wood which gets fire it will ruin and destroy everything which is very dangerous for you and your family.

There are the chances of the pest because of wood, it needs maintenance monthly and there are the chances of wood get discolouration.

Spotted wood decking is always the best option because the wood is authentic and the best among all the woods. reliable ironbark decking is the Australian based company; they offer every type of decking wood which makes your garden and house worth it. They know the value of your house and always give you quality material.