A3 Poster printing is the best option to choose when the space is limited, and you want to display many posters altogether. This poster can turn to be impactful without breaking your bank. You have to choose a paper type from the standard or premium range, and your poster will be printed for you in high resolution. The specialists will create low volume of high-quality prints for you. Your CAD drawing and fine arts prints can be transformed into exceptional pieces without any hassle. The classic 8 color Epson ink and new technology printers are used to print the posters. The final poster is handy and easy to carry and can also be laminated with your choice of design. If you order posters in bulk, you are eligible to get fantastic discount rates. 


Extraordinary Quality and Unbelievable prices


The a3 posters are exceptionally proportioned and come in a lavish finish of matt, satin, and photo gloss. It is up to you to choose any of them according to your desires. printing companies in Melbourne is offered in high quality, and premium quality materials are used in the process. The production of all the posters is done by professionals who have extraordinary skills to manage the task. If you are struggling coming up with a design for your poster, many design options are available on the website. If you still can’t make up your mind, you can always contact the experts, and they will guide you in the best possible way. You can consult a member of the design team who can come up with a plan for you and then send it to you for your approval. If you don’t have an artwork prepared as yet, the design team can help you with that as well.


Choose the Best Finish for your poster


Matt Premium


A matt poster paper is best for black and white posters because it doesn’t reflect light. It is suitable for less detailed portraits and portraits that are presented in the area which are well lit. The best quality of matt paper is that smudges are not visible on it, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean. Visit https://www.printondemand.net.au/content/posters-sign-graphics for a3 poster printing Melbourne.


Satin Premium


Satin poster paper is the middle ground between matt and photo gloss. It portrays colors and contrasts well but isn’t as impressive as photo gloss paper. You don’t have to use a protective cover to protect your portrait because this paper helps to hide smudges and dirt on the portrait.


Photo Gloss Paper


Photo gloss paper is highly reflective and helps you to showcase colors and other details of your portrait. If you want to display your portrait in a low light setting, this type of paper is best for you. Photo gloss paper makes fingerprints and smudges visible, so it is always recommended to cover your poster with glass or paper.