Use your own custom blinds

When renovating the house, people generally go for changing the colour of the walls or rearrange the furniture to completely ignore the appearance of the windows. But if you think you are looking out the window many times a day, then there may be an idea why changing the window treatment considered to be an important element of a home renovation. Now he is satisfied with the blinds, but there is something he can do to redecorate the blinds to refresh the facade. 

Before beginning work remodelling, you don’t want to disturb your creativity, so blinds must be dirty and clean. Use a duster or a vacuum to collect dust and clean the blinds with water and a clean sponge. As you are already separating the blinds, soaking them in the bathroom allows you to wash them more thoroughly. 

Fabric adornment 

The first choice to decorate roller blinds is to join the fabric to the surface. The procedure is very simple. You should measure the blinds to determine the size of the fabric that will stick to the blinds. The fabric should be several inches wider on all sides than the blind to not only minimize the possibility of measurement errors, but also to facilitate the bonding process. You can choose solid colours or patterns, and it is entirely up to you. But it is better to choose lighter materials, such as cotton, than heavy ones, such as wool or velvet, as they can affect the function of blinds. 

The next step is to apply the adhesive evenly to the blind surface using aerosol glue or a glue gun to bond the fabric to the blind. Check for wrinkles or bubbles. When finished, you can wind, paste or cut additional cloth around the blinds.

Once the redecorated blinds Randwick are dry, you should add a finish. To seal the blinds correctly, apply some white glue to the fabric to avoid wear. If you don’t want to raise or lower the blinds too often, the matt sealer will do the trick along the edges. When everything is completely dry, the blinds can be reused. 

Decoration for roller blinds 

Add some colour to the blinds to make it more fun. Set up water, fabric paint and sponges. For simple forms, we use ordinary sponge, but if you want to go one step further, you can buy or make sponges of different shapes.

You can do it while the blinds are still hanging, but it is better to stop the work to soften it. Dip the sponge in the base colour and quickly press the blind surface. Apply enough colours because the shape of the rabbit will not get dirty. Change the colour and shape and repeat the drying process as desired.